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    Welcome to the OnTime API documentation. The OnTime API allows OnTime customers to develop applications that interface with the data contained in an OnTime account over the internet. The OnTime API allows numerous ways to access and manipulate the data associated with an OnTime account. There are two versions of the OnTime API: a SOAP implementation and a REST implementation. Both of these implementations provide identical functionality, which allows developers to choose whichever implementation best suits their development needs.

    Included in this documentation is a complete description of all possible operations as well as details about the various data models in the OnTime API. This documentation also includes guides for common operations such as accessing data and samples of their use with the APIs.


    The SOAP and REST API endpoints for a particular account are located at a URI that is specific to that account. The following URIs are templates of the URI that should be used to access the APIs for an OnTime account. If you do not know the OnTime API URI for the account that you are working with, please contact the account administrator to obtain this URI.