OnTime Extension SDK Documentation
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    Welcome to the OnTime Extension SDK
    In This Topic

    Using the OnTime Extension SDK makes it possible to tightly integrate OnTime accounts with other software systems and sites. You’ll be able to create, read, and update data from most areas of an OnTime account, including:

    Working with these OnTime objects directly makes it possible to develop many custom solutions. These solutions can be implemented via OnTime Extensions (plug-ins that work directly within OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch), REST and SOAP online APIs, and custom reports within OnTime Management Suite.

    OnTime Extensions

    This documentation provides comprehensive information on using the OnTime Extension SDK to create extensions that run directly within OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch.

    OnTime REST API and SOAP XML Web Services

    Use the same common objects and methods to work with OnTime data across REST and SOAP based Web Services. For more information, see the REST and SOAP online API documentation.


    The same consistent object structure is presented across report authoring environments within OnTime Management Suite.

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